'Gamine' Oil on Board 1930s/40s


'El Pueblo', Card Collage, 1950s

Still Life With Lemon, Oil on Board, 1920s


  Still Life, date unknown

   Card Collage, 1950s

          Still Life, Oil on Board, 1950s

  'Black stocking, Ink & Film on Cartridge, 1980s

'Music Makers', 1960s

Mother & Child, Oil on Board

'The Drinkers', Lino Cut 1950s

Barmaid, Oil on Board, Date unknown

Jill, Oil, 1960s

Design for BBC, 1960s

'Madaleine' Oil on Board, 1950s

          Woman with Mirror, Oil on Board, date unknown

Rolindez in Profile, Burnt Cork, late 1950s/early 1960s

        Still Life with Glove, Oil on Board, 1940s

Still Life 1940s

            Blue Boy, Oil on Canvas, 1960s

Country Music Making, Line & Art Film, 1970s

'River Trent in Winter', Oil on Canvas 1942

Still life Lino Cut, 1950s

Pianist, Line & Art Film, 1970s

'Sunset Over the River Trent', Oil on Canvas, 1942

Card Players, Line and Film, 1970s

Woodland Scene, Oil on Canvas 1950s

'A Good Harvest', Oil on Board, 1935

The Miner, 1940s, Ink on Cartridge

Catalan Street, Oil, Date Unknown

The Violet Chemise, Oil, Date Unknown

Behind the Garden, Barham Avenue Elstree, Oil, Late 1950s

Resting, Oil on Board, Date Unknown

Two Cockerels, Oil on Board, 1970s


Seated Woman, Ink & Film on Cartridge, 1970s

Nude - Oil on Board, date unknown



The Music Makers, Oil on Board, 1960s


 'Tree in Winter', Scraperboard. 1950s

Reclining Nude, Ink and Film on Cartridge, 1980s 




Trout, Oil on Board



Christmas Card, early 1960s



Nude, Oil on Board, Date Unknwn



Design for Dexion, 1950s



'Laneham Fisherman', Oil on Canvas, 1942



Oil on Canvas 1960s



Fred Clark of Laneham, Oil on Canvas,1940s



'Jill and Baby', Oil on Canvas, 1960s




Magarita - Pencil, late 1950s



M. Fantiui, Oil on Board, 1920s



             'Cafe Con Leche', Oil on Canvas, 1946



Still Life, Oil on Board, Date unknown




Icon, Oil on Board, 1970s



Cornish Street - Oil on Board, 1940s?



'Paris', Oil on Canvas, 1920s



           'Madaleine', Oil on Canvas, 1950s



'A Bridge Reflected' Oil on Canvas, 1930s



'Cornish Landsacape' Oil on Canvas, 1945




Woman Waiting, Oil on Board, Date Unknown



Self Portrait, Oil on Board, Date unknown



Nude, Oil on Board, Date unknown



Christmas Card, late 1950s?



'Rolindez', Oil on Board, 1950s



Silver Birch, Art Film, 1970s






Wood Panel, 1950s



'Woman Bathing Feet', Oil on Canvas, 1920s



Title Unknown, Art Film Collage, 1950s?



Fruit, Oil, Date Unknown

'Poppies' Oil on Canvas, Date Unknown



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