Still life Oil on board



                   Guitar and tiles. Card collage



             Cover design for childrens game



Card design

          Two Cockerels, Oil on Board, 1970s

        Design for industrial Exhibition - Line & Tinted Film   


A Bridge Reflected - Oil on Canvas 1930's?


Kingfisher 3-D Card Design  


1958 - International awards and world famous  clients


Armengol continued to win high profile prestige commissions from the British Government. He was presented with an International Gold Medal for designing the Industrial Pavilion at the World Fair in Brussels.


Major clients added to his portfolio included the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation)


Armengol completed numerous projects, designed world-class exhibition stands,  publications, and created murals for ICI and other clients


1963  Dexion launch


Armengol designed an exhibition stand for a

new client -  BTR Industries at the London Building

Exhibition.  It was

used to  launch Dexion, an industrial quality 'meccano' 

building system, which was an international success.


Benet, Armengol's son, now a student, began

to make occasional visits to his father. The relationship

was cordial but not close.



1967  International sculpture


Armengol created a centrepiece for the British Pavilion at the Expo 67 World Fair in Montreal, Canada. His 10 statues 'The Brotherhood of Mankind' (21-foot-high aluminium figures) were visited and walked under (!) by HRH Queen Elizabeth. 


After the fair these statues were offered for sale at international auction.  They were bought for the City of Calgary, Canada, by a benefactor, installed in a major city square outside the Education Ministry, and are a tourist attraction to this day.


Armengol continued to paint, and produced a number of card, wood and film collages.


1968  Furniture Award


Armengol won joint first prize in an international furniture design competition for a hi-tec bathroom, with his young apprentice designer, Alan Ko.



            Armengol also designed stacking occasional tables

            in moulded Perspex.


1971  Educational aids and paper sculptures


Armengol moved to Cornwall, still with Sylvia, and continued to paint and draw, and experiment with ceramics.


He designed educational aids for junior schools which were bought by a publisher but did not go into production due to changes in education budgets.


He created a large collection of 'paper sculpture' greetings cards for Gallery Five after realising that those that he produced every year, individually, for friends as Christmas Cards were never thrown away!


Gallery Five, a signicant name in the greetings card market, distributed and sold the designs worldwide. 



1972 The BBC


Armengol designed 'BBC50'  an exhibition marking the 50th anniversary of BBC, which is visited by the Queen, numerous Government Ministers,  television personalities and a huge public audience. 


Rolindez began to visit Armengol in Cornwall for increasingly extended periods but could not abandon her now ailing husband.



1980    Changing circumstances


Sylvia began to show the first signs of Dementia and went into residential care. Rolindez and her increasingly frail husband, Terry, moved to Cornwall to live with Mario; a ménage a trios until Terry's death.


1984 - After the death of Sylvia, Armengol and Rolindez live as man and wife, forty-plus years after their first meeting.


1992  Armengol suffered a stroke, partially recovered, but could not see well enough to draw or paint, is devastated but philosophical; at least he had his lifelong love with him.


1993  Armengol and Rolindez moved to Nottinghamshire to be close to Rolindez's daughter and family.  Isolated rural life in Cornwall was no longer an option due to his frailty. 


1995  Armengol died in Nottingham on 27 November, and was buried in Radcliffe on Trent. Scores of old friends attended his funeral, an event worthy of his celebrity, with fine orations, and several obituaries.


          Benet Armengol, his son, visited Rolindez after the 

          funeral to pay his respects.



2004   Armengol War Cartoons Exhibition at The Cartoonists Gallery, Store Street, central London.


2005 'Made in Notts' and 'Armengol's War'


A series of seven National Lottery funded war cartoon exhibitions toured major venues in Nottinghamshire, Brighton and London during the 60th anniversary of end of World War 11 commemorations (1939-1945).


A 15-minute documentary 'Armengol's War'  was produced and shown in cinemas in Nottingham and on outdoor screens in central London.



2005-6   'Homage to Catalonia' exhibition, Edinburgh


The Spanish Consulate sponsored an exhibition of Armengol war cartoons at FilmHouse, Edinburgh, venue of the Scottish international film festival.  The Documentary is also screened.


2006    Armengol Sculptures Public Art Project


A Project to erect three sculptures from the original figures for the 'Brotherhood of Man' group in Radcliffe on Trent, where Armengol is buried, stalled, due to Arts Council England changing its policy decisions and guidance at the 13th hour.


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