Early use of Perspex, a new polymer from ICI in the 1950s/early 60s.  Armengol experimented with a set of three solid colour nesting tables which gave him another area of interest - furniture design!

Pheasant, Soft Wood Collage, 1970s

Christmas Table decoration 1970s

Commission for industrial client (1950s)


Paper sculpture design concepts for a calendar


Festival of Britain 1951


A magnificent Cockeral made entirely from multi-coloured cartridge paper; a masterful use of paper montage.

Soldad, Wood Collage on Board, 1951 (ae)

The Morphogenesis of Plants for Festival of Britain 1951

Sheep.  Multi-layered card; part of a set designed for a series for use in primary schools (1970s?)

Book sleeve for Armengol's own shelves



3D Design for children's instructional kit, 1970s




Bird collage design for children,1980s



Bird collage design for children, 1980s



Camel collage design for children, 1980s





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