Armengol was commissioned to illustrate a children's book, 'Spanish Fairy Stories' translated by the American poet and novelist,  Gamel Woolsey, and pubished by Transatlantic Arts Ltd (London & New York) in 1944. Woolsey had lived in Spain for many years. 

According to the preface he heard these tales from an old one-eyed woman in Yegen, a village in the Alpujarras, between the Sierra Nevada and the coast.

A great story teller himself, Armengol delighted in illustrating these fables. It was a new artistic departure for him and made a welcome change from his years of pressure, producing war cartoons by the score, and to very tight deadlines.




The Carlanco

The Knights of the Fish

Little Half Chick

The Ugly Princess



The Little Ant

The Singing Sack

The Silver Spirit


To Saragossa or Back to the Pond


The Silly Wolf and The Clever Fox



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